18 May 2014


Finally today arrive the day, the day to say good bye! After six years in the high school I finish the last course. All the way was very difficult and now it's the time to do balance.

I began this blog some years ago exactly, 3 years ago, and I wrote a lot of post, some of the better other worse but in general I think I did a go job. I review all the posts and I can see an evolution since the first post to now. All of us can see the progress in that time because if we read the first post is quite child, not meaning, not love only words. And now the last post I wrote is very special and I think it's one of the best post. Moreover we can see the difference because at the beginning I did a short post, without a lot of information and always I use the same words, the same structures and the same verbs tenses. Nowadays I think I improve my level of English and now my post are more completed because I use modal verbs, some synonyms, more vocabulary and I write about interesting things.  

At the same time I did some oral presentation. About this aspect of the blog is more difficult to talk about because I think all the oral presentation are very good but some of them need to improve the quality because I'm was very nervous and I did some mistakes but in general are quite good all of them.  I did a lot since the first year but I would choose one. It's difficult because I think I can do better in the real life but in these moments with the pressure and with public, they are good. I can't choose only one for this I choose two: The presentation of street art and thepresentation of my final project. I choose these because the presentation of street art I remember with love because I can chose the topic and for me this topic about Banksy and street art is very interesting and I did with a clearly voice, with convention, with a good use of vocabulary and I think it's one of the best I did. The other presentation about my final project I love. I did very well and it's incredible, the presentation. I did good because was my research project and I did need to study a lot because I knew all about the topic and I did excellent, with grammar mistakes but excellent about the explanation and I think all the people who watch the video can understand the meaning.

To end the year I would remember where are the best and the worse post in all the time. This decision is very difficult because I did a lot of post and all of them I love because I did it.
The worse post is very clever because I hate the Chemistry post for me it's horrible, for the content and for the structure.  I did twice but I hate all. The vocabulary is so easy and the topic and the verbs tenses are simple and with some mistakes. For all of that things this is THE WORSE.
Choose the best post, only one, is very difficult for that I choose three. They are: Experiences (4 Eso), The notebook (4 ESO) and Maybe that or that (2Batx.). I choose them because I use a lot of different times sentence, the vocabulary is good because is very variety, the phrasal verbs are acceptable and the mistakes are not very big. For all of that I think they are the best options because with them, we can see my level of English and I think it's good, I need improve it but now it's okay.

For me this is a good reflection about my years English in the high school. 

11 May 2014

Trip to London

This year I went to London with my friends and my high school teachers. I did a video and here you can see our incredible trip.

Burman governments

The news is about the violation of human right, exactly the human of freedom of speech.
In Burman the governments did, some months ago, some laws to control the journalist of that country. This laws are very strict. Some journalist were arrested because they publish some bad opinion of the government in the newspapers. These journalists are some of the most influence and important in that country. For this a lot of people demonstrate their opposition about the laws and the government.
And a lot of people commemorate an important day for the human right: World Press Freedom Day.

This news is important because around the world succeed the same and we couldn't allow it. We need to improve the world and one of the most important this is fulfil the human rights.

For me is important this news because one of the important thing is express what we believe about the things because if we don't do it that the world don't change and nothing is going to improve.   

10 May 2014

Abbreviations, the new vocabulary

Nowadays young people use a lot new technologies and these things are good but others are not really so good, because they begin to write with strange symbols and a lot of people can't understand them. They use abbreviations, abbreviations are one or two letters which represent a word.
Now I'm goingo to write two texts one oly with abbreviation and another with all the words.

            Hi, imho d WKND ws xlnt n I gtc u b4 2 c a/b bq yr tb.
                                      xxx lol xxx.

This is the message with abbreviations and now the wole sentence.

           Hello, in my opinion the wekend was excellant and I go to see you befire seeing anybody else               because you're the best.
         Kiss, kiss, kiss   lots of love   kiss, kiss, kiss.

This is only and example but I think you can write a very long message only with abbreviations, for example young people write this way not only the sms or whatssaps, also they write their notes, and I think this is very difficult, because you need to know a lot about abbreviations to do taht. Because I think if I do taht with my notes I can't understand anything. 

The bag

What I found on the street that day changed my life for ever. 
I was going to a party when I found a really strange bag next to my car. I didn't  know what things were insidu, for that reason I decided to open it when I looked inside I found a lot, a lot, a lot of money.
At the first moment I didn't know what I was going to do but then I went to the police station and I left the bag with all the money.
After some days a very beautiful young man appeared in front of my door. I didn't know who the boy was. He introduced himself and he explained to me what had happened with his bag. The boy was really polite and he invited me to dinner.
We met another and another time and finally he explained to me he was a very rich man and he was looking for the perfect woman and when I arrived with the money bag he found the woman: me. He proposed to get married to me I accepted and now we are a really beautiful and rich couple.
All my life changed only for a simple bag. 

9 May 2014

Football, the only sport?

Football is a sport that consist of kicking a ball, men before a ball.

Is this simple thing so important?

In my opinion it is not so important because nowadays we can see and practice more sport. It's true football is not only running because the team need a coach and practice a lo, but I think sports are very varied but we need to know more about them.
For example here in Alt Emportdà a lot of people are supporters of rythmic gymnastic, and I think is as important as foorball or other sports.
We should change the mind of some people becuase all sports need some recognition.